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The exhibition's offer at a glance

Beviale Moscow Product range

The exhibitions covers the fields of beverage industry in Eastern Europe, beverage production and bottling and packaging. On three exhibition days, exhibitors and visitors will be able to discuss the latest developments within the beverage industry in Eastern Europe.

The World of Beviale Moscow

In keeping pace with beverage industry in Eastern Europe, Beviale Moscow helps you to monitor the market and the competition.

Where can you find what in the exhibition venue? The floor plan shows you the hall allocation, main themes, entrances and exits, catering outlets, toilets and car parks at a glance.

You are looking for a particular exhibitor at Beviale Moscow or would like to find out about their products in advance? Our exhibitor and product search will coming soon and help you to plan your visit. You can also put together your own personal guided tour of Beviale Moscow.

Beviale Moscow